Pauséôme apparthôtel **

As part of BEH (Bail Emphytéotique Hospital) associated Bouygues and ABM-AMRO to create a parent child center with 400 rooms.

Design of the first parental residence of 64 studios hospital site to host accompanying the sick and facilitate the reception of patients of Normandy ambulatory ... but also students and teachers of the CHU, subcontractors as well as also any customers traveling on business or personal Caen.

The range of services of Accueil Partenaires implemented on this site:

  • Design and installation of the operation
  • Definition of product, service offerings and trade policy,
  • Design studios and public areas
  • SEO, order management and installation of hotel facilities according to international standards Accor.
  • Marketing to institutional and international targets.
  • Management and operation of the facility with optimization of the organization based on the evolution of the activity.
  • Commitment respects quality of services.
  • attractive pricing policy to facilitate the hosting of many.
  • institutional Relations
  • Reporting to the project company in the contractual framework.
  • Multiple exchanges with representatives of the hospital services.

This residence is open since late 2009.

PAUSÉÔME Aparthotel ***

With this success we are developing the concept Pauséôme three stars to provide even more choice and comfort to active mobility.

By 2020-2023 ten establishment will open in major economic centers: Paris and the inner suburbs, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nice and Toulouse.


Today we have a Pauséôme ** residence in Caen, in Normandy close to the transport of CHU and the city center. 

Other aparthotel*** are currently planned in the Paris area and in large cities of France.